"Maude in the Making" is a project we* are undertaking to turn a vintage travel trailer into an inspiration space as part of the mobile art and writing workshops we are leading. Our hope is to bring creative inspiration to communities everywhere, to provide collaborative environments for learning, and to foster relationships with other artists and writers who can join us for this adventure.

After much searching, we found a 1965 Covered Wagon in Boxborough, Massachusetts and decided to take the plunge. We picked her up on April 27, 2013 and drove her from Massachusetts to our home in Nutley, New Jersey.

Maude is named after the iconic title character in the 1971 classic, Harold and Maude. In the film, Maude is a woman who lives a life rich with meaning and deliberate choice. She firmly believes it is important to “try something new every day.” Maude is quirky and bright and carefree. We couldn’t think of a better namesake for our trailer. We also came up with an acronym that felt especially fitting: 


This blog is Maude's story. Follow our journey as we restore and redesign the trailer and set out to bring creative inspiration to communities everywhere.

* Who are we?

Maya Rachel Stein (left) is a Ninja poet, writing guide, and creative adventuress. Among her latest escapades are a 1,200-mile bicycle journey with a typewriter, a cross-country poetry trip, a French crepe stand at a Massachusetts farmers market, and a relocation from San Francisco to suburban New Jersey to live with her favorite Brave Girl. You can learn more about Maya’s adventures at www.mayastein.com.

Amy Tingle (right) is a freelance editor, writer, and the founder of BraveGirlsArt. She loves road trips and singing in the car with the windows rolled down. She is a barefoot girl at heart who also loves wearing high heels and dancing with complete abandon. Oddly, she dislikes The Muppets—except Animal who was the zaniest of the bunch. She lives in Nutley, New Jersey with a Ninja poet, two boys and a dog named Lola. You can find out more about Tingle’s shenanigans at www.bravegirlsart.blogspot.com.


  1. You two rock my world. Can't wait to meet Maude!

  2. Hello Fellow Maudsters! I am also a maker of Maude. I did the illustrations for a picture book called Maude the Not So Noticeable Shrimpton with the author Lauren Child. It was published in the UK by Puffin and by Candlewick US. I am American living in London and lived many years in New York City. I am originally from New England and I grew up watching Maude. Your travel Trailer is a wonderful idea and I especially like the way it looks. Good luck with it all. love Trisha Krauss